A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

ElderJam AKA "I Made A Quake Clone In 10 Days"

Created by Nash Muhandes


I've always enjoyed watching those "I Made [Insert Game] Clone in [Insert Some Absurdly Short Time]" videos that are all over Youtube. Feeling inspired, I decided, "hey, I wanna make a Quake clone in 10 days!".


"ElderJam" is a working title I gave to the project (I needed to name it something, after all). It's a nod to HP Lovecraft. This game was mostly built solo, in 10 days. It was a fun challenge. Some resources and assets were borrowed during the creation process; see CREDITS.txt for full details.


Will ElderJam become a full game? I don't know. I'm currently busy working on another actual game (Darkadia, a first person survival horror game running on the GZDoom engine). After Darkadia ships - and if there's enough demand for it - I'd definitely be open to the idea of making ElderJam an actual, complete game.


If you enjoy ElderJam, and want to further support my game development activities, consider subscribing to my Patreon!

Also consider pay-what-you-want on the ElderJam OST Bandcamp, or just help spread the word about my creations! Thanks! <3


Itch.io (DOWNLOAD!): https://nashmuhandes.itch.io/elderjam

Patreon: https://patreon.com/NashMuhandes

ElderJam OST BandCamp: https://nashmuhandes.bandcamp.com/album/elderjam

E-mail: nashmuhandes.gamedev@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NashMuhandes

Youtube: https://youtube.com/NashMuhandes

Facebook: https://youtube.com/NashMuhandes

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/NashMuhandes

Updated 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNash Muhandes
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, Doom, Fast-Paced, First-Person, Low-poly, Multiplayer, quake, Retro, Singleplayer


ElderJam-win-x64.zip 65 MB
ElderJam-linux.zip 63 MB

Development log


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ElderJam is now known as DISDAIN!

Check out the new trailer here: 

Wishlist the game on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2113270/DISDAIN/

Love everything about this.

wow. really enjoyed it :) love it!!!

great game plz more levels
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It feels good, I like it! I hope you consider working on it after Darkadia.

Damn good proof of concept, fun and solid throwback to the oldschool gameplay. Hopefully there's enough demand for a full game, I'd pay good money to play more.

WOAW excellent to discover your project. i love Quake, i love GZDoom, you have made a perfect mix :)
And now with your coop support features, it will be so perfect to play :)
I really wish you will finish it and release a complete game with almost a mini story mode :) Thanks

This looks incredible!  

Very impressive work with such a short time constraint. I especially loved the music which I went and bought on bandcamp as soon as I was done playing :)
My one real complaint would probably be that the shotgun is super weak... but I guess that's fully in line with how Quake 1 did it =P

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Man, this was fun! The shotgun cultists were a pain, and the worm-dogs, or whatever those things are, are kinda spongy, but it's a pretty solid Quake-clone indeed! Hope to see it as a full game one day and best of luck with Darkadia!

there is not 32bits?

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how do i do multiplayer?


First, the host must run the "Coop - Host" file, and be sure you have open ports on your router. Type your player name, and the number of players to host. Then the other players must join your session by running the "Coop - Join" file - they'll have to type your net address (usually IP address, but can also be your network name)

thanks for the info, Nash Muhandes

This is an amazing indie game that nails the Quake look perfectly.

My only complaint is that it's darker than Doom 3, and the hitscanning enemies blend into the darkness. 

awsome game and great music choice for the title screen. cant wait to get to play more!


Thank you so much for playing!

Loved the GAME

Why thank you!

Yes nice game this makes me happy because is good game :3 

But for real i like this game a lot 

Thanks, glad you like it!

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The game is fantastic, I hope you Nash complete this project because it's amazing, I really enjoyed playing and making a Gameplay and being able to bring it to my channel, and help in promoting your game here in my country.   

You are to be congratulated Nash because making a game in 10 days is not easy for any developer, it's amazing.

Thank you for your trust, a hug and take care my wizard.

Here is the Gameplay link I made on my channel.

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is good and it's pretty well executed, especially considering that it has been made in 10 days.

-The gameplay mechanics are those nice classic ones from the classic FPS formula and work really nice.

-The visual style is good and I like it, but I think there's a lot that can be improved when it comes to clarity of the enemies on their design and how they fit in the game itself as the design is good but they need to outstand a little bit more visually. When I was playing I had a hard time seeing enemies clearly, especially when I was using my "blue light filter glasses" because of the colours on them and the background.

-The music on the game menu IS NOIIICE totally on point :D

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for playing! I agree with you, those enemies generally need a lot more work. When I continue developing this game, I think the enemies need to be redone completely. Cheers!

Awesome to hear that you'll keep working on it ^^,  good luck :D. You are welcome :)

This is awesome for a game that was made in just 10 days! Good work 👍 

This is a fantastic achievement for a ten-day project! I've made a video of my playthrough below: 

As far as my thoughts on the game, this is an awfully faithful rendition of Quake, as you have aimed to create. I hope there is a big appetite for these sort of games - I can remember people addicted to these in the 90s!

The core mechanics are very well fleshed out. All the fixtures are here: weapon varieties, enemies, ammo/armor/health packs, interactive doorways and platforms. The foundations of this are executed so well! 

Gameplay is great. Notwithstanding some early issues with ammo, this is chock with pumping shotgun slugs at enemies constantly. Super satisfying. Does the damage model differentiate for headshots or am I imagining? 

In terms of moving forward, I think for flavour some greater variation on the texture design could help. The limited palette of Doom and Quake was out of technical limitations - you have the potential to go even further! 

It'd also be nice to have some music like the menu music ingame - I remember the soundtracks to the FPS games of those era always being quite intense, moody ambient music of this game being a counterpoint. 

Great work on this! I hope you keep it up. 

- FSV  

Thanks for the very detailed review! Currently there are no headshots (I do plan to add that in, at some point!). I agree with your suggestions - the game needs waaaaaay more textures and colours. :) Hopefully I get to improve on this in the near future!

Awesome old school quake style shooter. Very solid controls and the action was very intense. Great Job.

Thanks so much for trying it, and making the video!

Amazing fun. The movement is quick and snappy, combat is exciting and the levels are well paced. Great work.

Thank you!

can you turn the game into a full release??

I might, after my other game, Darkadia, is complete. :) Thanks for dropping by

If all quake clones were this good, I would've enjoyed Chasm: The Rift significantly more

Thank you :)

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Good game. I can't wait for the full version. Congrats!

Hi there, thanks for playing! It seems that the graphics are glitchy in this video. The models aren't supposed to flicker like that. The problem might go away with 2 possible solutions:

1 - switch the renderer to Vulkan. Options - Display - Set video mode - prefered rendering API - change it to Vulkan and restart the game

2 - this problem usually happens on AMD hardware and can be "worked around" by downgrading your AMD drivers to 21.5.2

Sorry for the inconvenience! Glad you enjoyed it anyway :)

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Thanks for the help, Nash. Now we uploaded a gameplay video with the corrections, replacing the last video.

Wonderful! Thanks for the video, and for trying my game!

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good retro shooter

i've noticed some issues with the models, one of the axis is a little bugged, so the characters are flat and the gun models kind of phase in and out of existance when shot

I believe you already got to me on Twitter about this issue, correct? It's some quirk with GZDoom and AMD graphics drivers. I hope to find some solutions soon! Thanks for trying, and sorry for the inconvenience!

I'm interested in seeing Elderjam be an actual complete game, after all, this was made in just 10 days.

Thank you! Who knows, maybe some day it will be a full game...